From clinical record keeping to diagnostic imaging and critical life support, technology is modernizing how, when and where healthcare is delivered to patients. Because everything is mission critical, it is vital to ensure your infrastructure up to date and running 24/7.

Selective coordination of overcurrent protection devices in your healthcare facility ensures continuous power and a reliable electrical network.  A properly engineered and installed electrical system will restrict outages to ONLY the nearest upstream OCPD for the full range of overcurrents and associated opening times, leaving the remainder of the system undisturbed and preserving service continuity.

Selective coordination is critical for electrical distribution system reliability. A reliable system is not only important for life safety, it’s important from a business perspective as nothing will stop all activity, paralyze production, inconvenience and disconcert people more than a major power failure.

Current-limiting fuses make achieving selective coordination easy and simple by maintaining a minimum amp ratio between upstream and downstream fuses. Using published manufacturer ratio tables eliminates the need for selective coordination studies and ensures the affected circuits are isolated and prevents unnecessary power loss to upstream portions of the electrical system.

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